Fascia & Guttering

UPVC rooflines, guttering, fascia & soffits are the ideal replacement for rotten wooden roofline on your home...

Often overlooked, your roofline, consisting of fascias, soffits and guttering should never be over looked or taken for granted. Apart from becoming unsightly, thereby reducing the value of your home, rain and bad weather entering your property can cause untold, serious, damage.

Ultimate UK’s quality systems properly and professionally installed, will quickly reinstate your roofline, often to a “better than new” standard.


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1. Dry Verge is available in Grey, Brown and Terracotta, all as an optional extra.

2. Guttering collects rainwater from the roof and delivers it to the drainpipes. Our guttering is square or round in shape, making it more ridged and uniformed.

3. Fascias cover and protect the ends of rafters. The superior rigidity of our high quality PVCu means that no timber backing is required.

4. Soffits are available in flat or tonque and groove boards.

5. Bargeboards are the same thickness as our fascias and also conceal the ends of the roof timbers, allowing them to breath and protect them from condensation problems and decay.

6. Downpipes divert rain water collected by guttering to the drains. Again square or round profiles provide strength and uniformity of shape as well as good looks.


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